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Before making the reservation, please read carefully the booking conditions and the cancellation policies. When making your reservation, we will understand that you have read and accepted these rules.

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If you can't see the reservation box above, please click on the following link to make your reservation.
Booking conditions

  1. To make the reservation through this system, 1,50 Euro will be charged in advance when making the reservation. If you are arriving after 1 p.m. (13.00 h) one night will be charged also to the credit card you gave. In case we cannot charge this quantity, your reservation will be cancelled.
  2. Reception is closed after midnight. If you are arriving after that hour, please write us an e-mail before making the reservation.
  3. IMPORTANT: please make sure that you write your e-mail address in the"e-mail" field correctly, as you will receive your confirmation in this e-mail address. In some cases, some e-mail servers as Hotmail, treats our e-mails as "spam", so please check also your spam folder.
  4. As a guarantee, you may print or save the webpage with the confirmation of the reservation. If you don't receive an e-mail with a copy of the reservation in a couple of hours, please write us

    Reservation and cancellation policies

    To make the reservation, it is mandatory to send the credit card information: number, expiration date and owner. This information is just a guarantee of the reservation, and we will only charge the quantity of the first night if the arrival hour is later than 01.00 p.m. (13.00 hr) GMT +1. In case we are not able to charge this first night, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

    Cancelling your reservation does not have any charge unless we are informed within the last 72 hours before you can check-in in our hostel (this is, midday or 12.00 hr.) the day of the arrival. In this case, we will charge the quantity of the first night to the credit card given as a guarantee. In example, if you are arriving December 27th and you cancel the reservation on December 25th before midday, you won't get charged, but you will if you cancel the reservation after that hour.

    We will also charge the same amount if a reservation not cancelled does not show, this is, if the client does not cancel the reservation and does not occupy the room that night. Aditionally, if the client had reserved more than one night and does not show, we will cancel all the other nights which were reserved.